Moshe has been an active investor for over 10 years.

Prior to co-founding Shefa Capital Moshe was the managing partner of Iberica Investments a PE firm. At Iberica his focus was both on public and private tech related companies, including purchases of equity, mezzanine debt, structured investments with unique downside protection, private investments in public equity (PIPEs) and growth equity financing. 

Prior to that Moshe was an early investor in Global Medical REIT (NYSE: GMRE) and Todos Medical (US: TOMDF) where he serves as a board member as well. 

Where Do you live?

Born in NY, spend my time now between NY-Tel Aviv-Asia

Most kids in my neighborhood used to get bedtime stories from the bible. I made my Dad tell me about stock trades and commodities, from a very young age finance was fascinating to me. Was already trading my own book when I was 18 years old.

How did you start your career?

Early in my career I helped build a private equity firm.

The appeal of creating platforms with strong portfolio managers was a challenge that I relished.  Building the team and finding the appropriate investors was an art in matching personalities. Their subsequent financial success is very rewarding. 

Areas of Focus?

Fintech/Digital Assets companies

Ahead of the curve, started investing in the Fintech/Digital Assets world because I saw the trend and need for alternative payments, lending and cross border digital transactions. Founded two companies in the space with teams in Singapore and Tel Aviv. Most important lesson: no matter how good your technology is, in the end, its all about the people and the organizational culture – get the BEST people and EMPOWER them to make the right decisions. I think that was the key for our companies’ successes. 

I co-founded Shefa because I believe in my partners and the asset-class we are investing in

After going through the whole capital supply chain I felt that in order to build a large sustainable investment platform I need the right partners. Besides the fact that my partners are talented and arguably the best in the business, they are great people and are like brothers to me. We compliment each other well and believe our collective talents have the ability to help our companies go ALL THE WAY.