Ranan has been an active investor since 1999. Most of his career has been with JG-Ventures and he has taken this experience to help co-found Shefa Capital.

During his 20-year tenure at JGV, Ranan was co-Managing Partner of the firm. JGV has a strong track record of investing in category-defining companies across a broad range of technology sectors, including: enterprise software, mobile applications, semiconductors, communications,  and internet.  During this period, JGV made over 40 investments: 7 with $1B+ exits, 16+ M&As and 10+ IPOs.

Before joining JGV, Ranan started his career as one of the first employees at software trading platform vendor Tradeum (sold to VerticalNet), and founded free space optics company, Roqiya Networks.

Where did you grow-up?

I grew up in Los Angeles, California and came to Israel when I was 18 to learn in Rabbinical Seminary (Yeshiva). I left a few years later after I got married, because I needed a job to support my new bride.

Why venture capital?

I got a job in Venture Capital in 1999 and had the privilege of investing with entrepreneurs who are amazing people.

I always say, “the loneliest job in the world is being a CEO/Entrepreneur of a start-up company.” The employees want your leadership and their own compensation, the board wants your performance, investors want their return, customers want their product, your competition wants your market share, and your family wants your heart and your time. The person who can balance all of this is pretty special.

Because we work so closely with our CEOs and we try to support the entrepreneurs, many of these CEOs have become some of my closest friends.

What drives you?

My religion and family are very important to me.

As a religious Jew, my main goal in business is to have faith that everything comes from G-d. Too often in the heat of battle, our desire to win can tempt us to take shortcuts. All of our interactions with people are opportunities to create connections and make the world a better place. We sanctify G-d in this world by acting with honor, responsibility, respect, compassion, honesty, and fairness. That is our ethos.

My wife has the hard job, she, primarily, takes care of our 7 children while I hide in the office “working hard.” I started working so I could support us financially, but she is the one who made us a home and a family.